Surf and browse the web anonymously at school and work!

A webproxy website specially designed to access Youtube website where it is blocked. You access youtube from and we will serve you content directly so that you can view your favourite video website without any restriction. We use webproxy technology in which any site you open through our site can not be blocked by your system or network administrator. It means you can access Video websites like Youtube, metacafe etc. through our site even when they are blocked in your office. If you are in school and you can't open your favourite sites then still we can help. If you can open our site then you can open any website through use. The technology here is simple and we becomes your virtual browser and hence giving your opportunity to surf internet unrestricted. If you live in country where Youtube is not allowed, even then you can access YouTube Video sharing website through us.


About web proxies and anonymous web surfing

Webproxy is a technology where you can open restricted site by using a proxy site as your virutal browser. Hence all sites are opened into webproxy so your network administrator or ISP can not block them as they are not directly opened. This is very useful technology, you only need to open webproxy website and you can start surfing your favourite sites. You are not requried to install anything, all you need is to have an internet connection and any web browser like opera, firefox, chrome or internet explorer.